Decide on a agent

It's important to find an agent you trust and who listens to your needs. I hope I am that agent. 

Decide on a lender

Getting pre-approved is the number one way you can get a head start on your home buying journey. When you find your dream home the absolute worst thing that could happen is missing out because someone else got there first!  Most pre-approvals are good for a year and you can shop around to find the perfect mortgage program for you. 


Start the home search

You probably already got started on this one! Now that you are pre-approved you might really live here!


The offer

Here's where we'll talk strategy, negotiate with the seller, and hopefully get our offer accepted.


Earnest money

You'll submit your earnest money with your offer to show the seller we mean business. When the deal goes through, this will count toward your downpayment.


Remove our contingencies

Things like the inspection, appraisal, financing, and other contingencies — tests, home sales, etc. I'll help you with your schedule to get those ducks in a row!



This is when you sign a lot of papers and usually hand over big checks. But when you leave the office, you get to go home!