Home is about what life is about

What is your life about? When you are looking for a new home it’s easy to dream big and then really big. *Cough* HGTV... Pinterest... anyone? We dream of wood floors and white kitchens with subway tile. Of big backyards, fireplaces, and crown molding. I love all those things, I really do! But sometimes, I dream big about my future home and forget to dream big about my life! Here are a few things I had to remind myself to consider during the house hunt:


Family: Living close to grandma and grandpa has been an incredible blessing to me. I love my family. I love being able to see my sisters and brothers every week. Also, I really love having free babysitters!


Community: I am part of a people. Church, friends, the coffee shop, the city events. I am committed to my community. Yes the two towns next to us have beautiful old homes full of character and potential, but I can't imagine leaving the community I love.


The daily grind: My husband loves his gym. I love the park and the harbor. It’s part nostalgia, part practicality. But also, being close to work and coming home for lunch? Priceless.


Enjoying each other: Having the finances and time to enjoy life; to bake cookies and go to the waterpark. Going on a walk, or playing basketball in the driveway. But also, the dining room where Christmas dinner happens or the sunroom where you watch the toddlers play in the yard while drinking your morning coffee. Nothing beats those moments.


Ultimately, home is about what life is about. It’s so much more than beautiful things. It’s about a beautiful state of being. Be happy today & be together today.



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