Summer is for Sellers

Happy first day of summer!

If you are thinking about putting your home on the market this summer, you must have tapped into some sort of psychic energy. In Kenosha and Racine counties we are experiencing an incredible sellers market. 

There are not enough homes listed and buyers are clawing to get a hold of a nice piece of property. This means a lot houses are selling close to their 2005 prices right now. 

I know your next question. Does that mean the housing market is going to crash again and my new house is going to turn upside down? No way Jose! The sellers market we are experiencing is healthy and natural. No crazy bank practices. There are a lot of new lending laws that protect home owners and the market from that ever happening again.

If you are interested, we can check out your financials & the current competition with a home equity report and a comparative market analysis for your home.

Happy selling! 

Katy McCray

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