Selling FAQs

Why hire a Realtor when I can do it myself?

Selling by owner is a hard, tumultuous journey and its brave to embark! My goal is to lead, guide, befriend, and protect my clients. That means I'll never pressure people to do business with me. However, here are my thoughts on why listing with me is a totally worth it.

I want to buy my next home. Should I sell my current home before I put an offer to purchase?

I would love to talk with you about a few different strategies that might work best for you when your looking to move up (or down). Every situation is different and the local market is constantly changing. Right now, our market is super competitive and you might think about putting in an offer first! I can help you strategize your move at our initial meeting.

I don’t see you in the newspaper or in my mailbox...

I market myself online and through referrals. 80% of buyers are looking solely online, so that's where I should be!

What is a CMA?

A Comparative Market Analysis. It’s a snapshot of your home’s value in regards to the recent trends in your local market. And yes, it's always free. Everyone will give you this service for free!


How much does staging cost?

Usually about 0.5% - 1% of the listing price of your home. It depends on what you have in your home to begin with. Do you need to spend money to stage your home? Nope. Because I will do it for free! It's just part of an excellent marketing plan!

I don’t want to put my house on the market just yet, how can I prepare?

Let’s meet! We can talk numbers or the best improvements to attract buyers. I am here as a resource.  


I love your photos but my home is already listed. Can you take photos for me?

This is an exclusive service I offer only to my clients. Professional photography and video is one of the free perks of listing with me. Other realtors often charge extra to have these services done. 


How much does it cost to hire a Realtor? 

It depends! I charge a 5.4% commission. 2.4% of that goes to the buyers agent and 3% is spilt between myself and Re/max Newport Elite.

Why do you charge that much? 

Good question! I believe my services are the best! Consequently, I believe I have something valuable to offer you. Here is exactly where your commission goes:
1/4 goes directly into marketing your home:
including staging, professional photography videography, running targeted Facebook ads, designing flyers. The nice part is you aren't spending this money until your home is sold!

1/4 goes into brokerage fees: Brokering is expensive. I have a team of people around me that help get you to closing perfectly and smoothly. I am independent contractor at Re/max and there are expenses, but it is totally worth it to give you the very best!

1/2 goes into my salary: Closing day is an exciting day for both of us! Thank you so much for trusting me during this giant life changing time! Running my own business I also pull from here to provide some of the great services you may have used like this website, dotloop, and even more marketing services that keep us organized. I also continue my education every single year to keep up to date on real estate law! 

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