I was born here, in Kenosha, and lived here nearly my whole life. I love this city and the people who live here. My mission is simple - to treat my clients right.

Before real estate, I was a professional wedding photographer. When I started photographing homes I realized just how much I would love being a realtor! My personal strength is marketing homes, great and small, with gorgeous media.

Other interests of mine include architecture [Frank Lloyd Wright anyone?] and modern minimal interiors to the point of a nearly unhealthy obsession.



When I'm not working I'm...
Grabbing dinner with friends, watching Star Trek, or some king of adventure with the family. 

Favorite things to do in Kenosha: 
Time at the coffee shop, the farmers market, a walk by the lake, kayaking, or any water related sport!

If I couldn't live in Kenosha I would live...
at the beach. An island, Mexico, Costa Rica... any of these will do.

Favorite movie:
My husband got me interested in a lot of indie stuff, but nothing can ever replace The Princess Bride.